Showbiz Desk: ‘Dhaka Rock Fest 2019’, the last biggest concert of this year, was held at the Expo Zone of International Convention City Bashundhara (ICCB) in the capital. The concert line-up included Nemesis, Arbovirus, AvoidRafa, Powersurge, Bay of Bengal, Trainwreck, Owned, Conclusions, Sin and Arnob & Friends.

The rock fest was a joyful gathering of those who love rock music of this generation. From noon onwards, the ICCB Expo Zone was gathered with Bangla band music fans with blissfulness. The youthful enthusiasm added another dimension to the event.

Arnob & Friends was the highlight of the concert. After a long time, Arnob performed in concert. He rendered some of his popular numbers, including ‘Tomar Jonno’, ‘Sonadia’, ‘Aadh Khana Dukkho’ and ‘Se Je Boshe Ase’. Pantha Kanai also performed a song along with him.

Soon after, the popular bands Bay of Bengal, Powersurge, AvoidRafa, Arbovirus, Nemesis came on the stage one by one. The fans were enthralled by the performance of AvoidRafa’s ‘Tui Ami Ar Tora’, ‘Ami Akash Pathabo’, ‘Cholo Arekbar Uri’, ‘Anmone 2’, Arbovirus’s ‘Jalo Agun Jalo’, ‘Venge Felo’, Nemesis’s ‘Obocheton’, ‘Janala’ and ‘Kobe’.

The festival was organised jointly by Gaan Bangla TV, Banglalink and Sky Tracker Ltd. MediaQuest Bangladesh was the PR partner. Banglalink Digital Communication Limited was the associate host of ‘Dhaka Rock Fest 2019’.

Gaan Bangla TV’s CEO Kaushik Hossain Taposh thanked all the music fans. “We want to see Bangladesh as the main centre of rock music. We will also try to celebrate the concert as South Asia’s biggest rock festival next year”, he said.

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