End Bullying Now : Azmeri Haque

Showbiz Desk: One of the popular face of small screen Azmeri Haque Badhan, who became the first runner-up at the Lux Channel I Miss Photogenic in 2006. However, she has not been seen on screen for a long time but heard that Badhan is preparing for the film.

Beside her career, she has always opened her mouth on various issues. Trying to make people aware.  Earlier in the new year, she has opened her mouth with ‘cyber bullying’. She shared a picture on her Facebook with headline, #EndBullingNow.

She wrote the caption: 

I am a self made 36 years old, independent single lady blessed with an amazing beautiful daughter and I am one of the responsible  citizens of Bangladesh… 
And yes ! I am a proud girl from media
with a divorced certificate and with flaws in my life and body as well. 
It’s not your concern how I am passing my days without a husband – Financially,mentally & physically!! 
It’s my life and it’s my concern. I can handle myself without bothering you so don’t try to judge my profession, my life, my cloths. Don’t even try to ask me or express your irrelevant opinion which will do nothing but annoy me. Invest your time and brain for yourself which will help you to become a better human, better citizen for your county ♥️
There was a time when I was so scared with all this social & cyber bullying. I had suffered unbearable trauma which I cannot explain in words. You know when someone is passing unusual comments, it’s not that easy to adopt with the situation. So please don’t give any judgement without knowing his/her situation. If you cannot give the empathy then please Don’t hurt them /break them with the harsh words, harsh actions or even your harsh look. 
Do not judge my path because you haven’t walked in my shoes. 
Last but not the least, social and cyber bullying is a crime not a joke. 
So stop social & cyber bullying and be careful about yourself.
#EndBullyingNow #SafeHands
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