Mamo – Shihab Shaheen confirm divorce after two years!

Lux Channel I Superstar (2006) winner Zakia Bari Mamo tied the knot with Shihab Shaheen in 2015. They revealed the news of their marriage after four years on November 20, 2019, through social media, where they posted pictures of them celebrating their fourth marriage anniversary.
However, recently, National Film Award-winning actress Mamo and noted director Shihab Shaheen have opened up to the media about parting ways.
According to the reports, they got divorced in September 2020. Before the announcement, Mamo had told several media outlets that they had been separated, which was known by many of their colleagues in showbiz, although many were ignorant about it as well. She further added that she did not want to hide the matter anymore.
On the other hand, Shihab Shaheen informed the media that, while they are no longer together, he is not interested in making his personal life public.
Rumours have suggested that the director intends to get married again, soon. However, he has refuted these claims.
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