Rock Fest concludes at Dhaka

Dhaka Rock Fest 3.0, the two-day long music festival was organised by Sky Tracker Limited and Banglalink to bring a striking end of the year. A total of 32 bands from mainstream Bangla music industry performed during the festival at ICCB Expo Zone on December 27 and 28.

The musical festival welcomed audiences with a star-studded band line-up including Nemesis, Artcell, Warfaze, Cryptic Fate, Aurthohin, Meghdol, Karnival and others. Thousands of audiences, especially youths flocked to enjoy the music event on both days.

Music bands performed on the first day (December 27) are Apekkhik, Artcell, Bangu Bibi, Brahmaputra, Fantasy Realm, Unmaad, Owned, Torture Goregrinder, Shonar Bangla Circus, Trainwreck, Powersurge, Nemesis, Karnival, Cryptic Fate, Bangla Five and Arekta Rock Band.

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