Shajal-Prova to pair in Valentine’s Day drama

A special drama ‘Unplug’ has been made on the occasion of the upcoming Valentine’s Day. The play is composed by Pantho Shahriar and produced by Noman Khan. Actor Shajal Noor and actress Prova will act in the play together.

The producer said that the play was made with the story of romantic genre. Shajal played the role of Rudra and Prova played the role of Neha.

Regarding acting in the play, Shajal said, “I always have a special confidence in Pantho Shahriar’s story. The story of the unplug drama is also very nice as usual. And as a co-artist, Prova has always been a very serious actress. Prova has done the same in this drama as well. I hope the audience will like it.”

Prova said, “If it is a good story, it is very good to work on it. There are hardly any good scripts available now. But the story of the drama ‘unplug’ is excellent. I always talk about Sajal bhai, a man with a very good mind, a very cooperative person. I always love working with him.”

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